API Documentation


Generate allows you view a generated segment based on the number you enter. Segments are the endings of the shortened url (IE: okij.in/a). Each segment is *always* the same, unless the number causes an overflow. If an overflow occurs it will randomly select a character from the dictionary.



Shows the latest (25) links shortened via okij.in.

    { "segment":"e","url":"http://forums.bukkit.org" },
    { "segment":"d","url":"http://ultimateminecraft.net/apply" },
    { "segment":"c","url":"http://ultimateminecraft.net/" },
    { "segment":"a","url":"http://ci.bukkit.org/" }


Shows the current segment and id generated by okij.in.



Shows segment details including id, title, segment, url, and hits.

    "url":"http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/","title":"Online YAML Parser",


Returns whether url exists in database already. If so, returns same details as information.